Class SSDBNavImp

  extended by com.nqadmin.swingSet.SSDBNavAdapter
      extended by com.nqadmin.swingSet.SSDBNavImp
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SSDBNavImp
extends SSDBNavAdapter

SwingSet - Open Toolkit For Making Swing Controls Database-Aware

 Custom implementation of SSDBNav that clears/resets the various database-aware
 fields on a screen when the user adds a new record.  To achieve this, special
 implementation of the performPreInsertOps() method is provided.  An instance of
 this class can be created for the container where the fields are to be cleared
 and passed to the data navigator.

 The data navigator will call the performPreInsertOps() method whenever the
 user presses the insert button on the navigator. This fuctions recursively
 clears any JTextFields, JTextAreas, and SSCheckBoxes, and if their are any
 SSComboBoxes or SSDBComboBoxes they will be reset to the first item in the

 This recursive behavior performed on all the components inside the JPanel or
 JTabbedPane inside the specified container.

$Revision: 1.16 $
$Author: prasanth $
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected  java.awt.Container container
          Screen where componets to be cleared are located.
Fields inherited from interface com.nqadmin.swingSet.SSDBNav
Constructor Summary
SSDBNavImp(java.awt.Container _container)
          Constructs a SSDBNavImp with the specified container.
Method Summary
 void performPreInsertOps()
          Performs pre-insertion operations.
protected  void setComponents(java.awt.Container _container)
          Clears all the JTextFields and resets the combo boxes to first item.
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Field Detail


protected java.awt.Container container
Screen where componets to be cleared are located.

Constructor Detail


public SSDBNavImp(java.awt.Container _container)
Constructs a SSDBNavImp with the specified container.

Method Detail


public void performPreInsertOps()
Performs pre-insertion operations.

Specified by:
performPreInsertOps in interface SSDBNav
performPreInsertOps in class SSDBNavAdapter


protected void setComponents(java.awt.Container _container)
Clears all the JTextFields and resets the combo boxes to first item. This is done for all SwingSet components, text fields, & text areas, recursively looking in to the JTabbedPanes and JPanels inside the given container as needed.

_container - container in which to recursively initialize components